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New King James Version

First published in 1979, The New King James Bible claims to be a King James Bible . . . only BETTER, more understandable without those pesky "archaic words." But is it a King James Version, just better? It's not. In fact, the Greek Textus Receptus that is used for the Authorized King James Bible, is abandoned by the New King James Version in more than 1,200 places! We'll get to the changes made in the New King James Bible in a little while. First I want to make mention of something of great importance. I've lived around pagans, and it has to be known how important it is that never, NEVER should there be tied to the Bible things that endorse occultic beliefs . . . such as that symbol on the NKJV. It both makes me furious, and equally sad at the fact such a symbol is placed on something toting the name "Word of God." The symbol I am speaking of, is the symbol that looks a bit like three triangles intertwined. I have it shown below. Well, wonder what type of symbol that is, it's a bit strange isn't it? It's a symbol for the number 666. I'm not joking either, I wouldn't joke on something so serious.

Now, if you think I'm making this up, or it is a coincidence of some sort, I ask that you grab a book called the Aquarian Conspiracy where you will find it, you will find it on certain tarot cards, and you will find it on a book called The Craft, a "Witch's Book of Shadows."All these things, are direct links to the occult, paganism, and witchcraft.

Now, in the preface of some of the NKJV Bibles, it "explains" the symbol by saying it is an ancient symbol for the Trinity. Not the Trinity of the Bible though. If you look into it, it is an ancient symbol regarding the trinity, but of three goddesses whose names change with nearly every pagan belief. Besides all that, even if it was for the Biblical Trinity, the Bible forbids it in Acts 17:29, as Godhead is the Biblical Word for the magnificence of the Trinity.

As I said above, it both angers, but actually saddens me to think that such is on the NKJV. Why would anyone want to put it there? Satan is subtle, that is why. Satan is slowly working into making the way for the Antichrist to rise up through paganized beliefs. As Pagan beliefs and symbols and words become more used and worked into everyday life (even tied to Christianity!) people become desensitized to it all and will not be alert to fight against it. But still, Arthur Farstad, the head of the New King James Version Committee (to create it), seems really sincere, it makes it sad to think he would partake in such an action. But in truth, sincerity doesn't override Truth, and I suppose he doesn't exactly decide what goes on the front of the Bible . . . I suppose.

Now, after that, let's go on to the changes made in the NKJV--a Bible which proclaims that it made very, very few changes from the KJV! The New King James Version, has made more than 100,000 changes. Think for a while about that. There are approximately 31,103 (I've not personally counted them) verses in the Bible. This shows that the NKJV averages about three changes for EACH verse in the Word of God (That is taking the lowest number 100,000 as there are MORE changes than that)! Now, we have seen that the NKJV committee, is not truthful when it says that it made hardly any changes!

Table #1.1
Omitted Words
Words NKJV
Table #1.2
Omitted Words
Words NKJV
New TestamentALL

Take a look at the highlighted rows in Table 1.2, These show that the NKJV actually has completely omitted all occurrences of those words!

Table #2.1
Easier Words Made Harder?
Acts 27:30 boat skiff
Ezekiel 31:4 little rivers rivulets
Acts 1:18 bowels entrails
John 10:41 did performed
Psalm 43:1 judge vindicate
Hebrews 12:8 bastard illegitimate
Luke 19:16-19 pounds minas
Isaiah 28:1 fat verdant
Table #2.2
Easier Words Made Harder?
Luke 8:31 the deep the abyss
Amos 5:21 smell savor
Psalm 139:23 thoughts anxieties
Matthew 26:7 box flask
Acts 21:38 uproar insurrection*
John 19:9 judgment hall praetorium
Acts 18:12 deputy proconsul
2 Corinthians 2:17 corrupt peddle

Looking at the Tables above, we have to wonder why the NKJV changed simple, easy words for much harder words. Easy words like "boat," "box," and "deputy" which a little child can understand, are changed for words like "skiff," "flask," and "proconsul" which even some adults may not know! This is hardly an improvement.

Table 3.1
Change the Word, Change the Truth
Acts 4:27 child Servant
Acts 3:13 Son Servant
Mark 2:15 Jesus He
Hebrews 4:8 Jesus Joshua
Acts 7:45 Jesus Joshua
Hebrews 10:14 are sanctified are being sanctified
Table 3.2
Change the Word, Change the Truth
1 Corinthians 1:18 are saved are being saved
2 Corinthians 2:15 are saved are being saved
1 John 5:13 may believe may continue to believe
Matthew 7:14 narrow difficult
2 Corinthians 2:17 corrupt peddle

Again, looking at Table 3.1, the highlighted rows show that the NKJV didn't just change the word Jesus, but honestly took out the name of Jesus (whereby men can be saved). In Hebrews 4:8, Jesus even becomes Joshua! Why?! Also note that there is a demotion of our Lord Jesus, from "Son" and "Child" to "Servant." This is done again in Acts 3:26! Now the word for Son there is "pais" which also can mean servant. But you know the word to use, by the context around it! Look in context, the verse before, Acts 3:25! Look at the words: Children, Fathers, Seed! This has nothing to do with "Servant." The NKJV wrongly changes the in-context word "Son," with the out-of-context word "Servant." Why would they want to deliberately take away from the proof that Jesus is the SON of God?

Again, look at Table 3.2, we see now the "narrow" way has become "difficult." Salvation and walking in the Spirit are now difficult apparently! Note also, the changes (in Hebrews 10:14, 1 Corinthians 1:18, 2 Corinthians 2:15, and 1 John 5:13) that make Salvation seem not such a sure thing, but a thing that has to continue to be developed throughout one's life! How is this going to help one to witness? How is this going to help one ward off the devil when he comes to you with doubts saying, "You're not really saved." Apparently the only thing you can say to him is, "No, but the Bible says that I'm being saved . . . " with doubt. The Sacrifice of Christ is ONE thing that makes a surety. He died ONCE. He is not continually saving you, He is not continually dying on the cross to redeem you. He did so ONCE, and therefore, you can know for a CERTAINTY that you are saved! Praise God for His Word of Truth!

There are other changes, more numerous and defiling of God's Holy Word, but this will suffice for now in showing that the NKJV is corrupt by changing certain words, that demote Jesus my Lord and King, and also change certain doctrines even. I will put more changes, along with other Bible Versions, on One Big Table of Comparison, as God allows. Until then, keep checking back! And don't forget what you've learned!

*Note: Not all Editions of the New King James Version are the same*

Scripture taken from the New King James Version is Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved