Workmen for Christ

Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.--Psalm 119:104

Daily Bible Studies

In 2000, God had placed on my heart to get a notebook and start writing down certain Verses from the Word of God as I read His Word each day throughout the day. As I would read His Word, God would put in my heart to write specific verses. Though I wouldn't always understand why He wanted me to write down that particular verse or verses, I did write it down in the notebook. The notebook was filled each page with verses from God's Word, and still I wrote verses on the back of the notebook, as God lead me to do.

Then in the Summer of 2003, God put on my heart to write a Bible Study/Devotional each day, focusing on those verses in the same order, and send them out to others. There were times I had no internet connection and so couldn't send them out, but that's been solved and so there are 700+ Studies done. Things have caused me to not be able to do these studies daily, like before. However, I know God would have me pick it back up again, so I pray that soon I will be able to take it up again. Please pray that this happens daily again, as soon as possible!

It is incredibly important that we spend time in the Word of God, EACH DAY! Therefore, by the grace of God I've been able to have these studies on this website for you to read as well, and not just if you are on my "mailing list."

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Precepts--Law, Commandment, used to mean the Word of God