Workmen for Christ

But charge Joshua, and encourage him, and strengthen him: for he shall go over before this people, and he shall cause them to inherit the land which thou shalt see.--Deuteronomy 3:28


As we go through our lives we can easily become very weary and tired. We often start to feel ourselves drained. This happens, even as learn and study the Truth of the Word of God. So most certainly it's not just important to continue to learn new things, but it is good also to stop, look back, and be encouraged by examples of what we've already learned, and look at the hope of it in others as well! So here we have Testimonies, and Short Stories (later hopefully we will have some poems)!

These are some Testimonies. While thus far I've only my own, hopefully we will soon see the wonderful testimonies of others! If you have a testimony and believe it would encourage someone else, please, send it to me and I'll see about putting it here for others to read and be encouraged!
A Testimony of Grace
My personal Testimony, showing a few of the mighty ways God has shown Himself there for me!

Short Stories
Here are some short stories. I hope they are encouraging and helpful to you. They were put down on paper by me as God put them in my heart. While I tried my best to write it in the beauty of which He gave them to me, sometimes it might not have worked out that way.
The Two Tables
This is the story of a boy who has found himself in a room with two tables . . .

Behind the Scenes: Longsuffering
The Longsuffering Christian in Spiritual Battle . . .

The Way
Two People Follow the Lord on the Narrow Path . . .