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Hi there, I first want to personally thank you for visiting this website!

It is my strong desire, to have this website available for all to easily view, easily navigate, and easily understand. In doing so, some things are done to help. For one, the text is at a larger size for more comfortable reading (it should be at about 14-16pt size). Another is that I have tried to keep this website generally simple in layout and in the code for the different browsers to read. I do not wish for older browsers to not understand the code and mess up the pages!

Therefore, if you have any problems with:
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  • If anything seems to give you trouble when you are viewing this website . . .

Please contact me Here with a description of the problem. I will work to see if it is a problem I myself can solve or lessen somehow

The recent update done to the code in this website, uses CSS. I worked to use the simplest form of it, so it should still work on earlier browsers, though Internet Explorer 3 (and earlier) will have trouble! In updating the code, I've learned quite a bit more and must suggest using browsers such as Firefox and Opera. Internet Explorer has major security issues and cannot always read coding the way it's supposed to. Yet the website should work in the latest Internet Explorer browser, as well as most other browsers. If you need the latest browsers, to view this website correctly, you can find four below (I again, suggest either Firefox or Opera, due to their higher protection against malware/spyware/viruses, and also how they more properly understand the code for this website):

Again, it is my desire to provide this website to as many as possible, and still have it decent and understandable. So if ever there occurs a problem, let me know, and if it is possible for me to fix it within this website itself, I will work to fix it as best I can.

Thank you again so much for visiting Workmen For Christ. I pray that you are deeply blessed and helped by this website. May God Bless you abundantly.

~In Christ's Love,